Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yea Millie & Devin

Today is a very special day! This is my sister Amelia, and her awesome husband Devin. This morning at 7am Millie and Devin went to the hospital, because Millie was in labor. They broke her water at 9 am. Today they are going to have a beautiful baby girl McKemy Rilyn Southworth (I am not sure on the spelling of the middle name, so you will have to forgive me!) I hope everything goes well and I hope that it is a wonderful experience!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! CONGRATULATIONS!
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Millie said...

Thanks Leila!!!

Connie said...

Hey, Leila- I found your blog through my cousin Buddy and his fiance, Kim's blog. I guess you must know her, huh? Are you related? That would be cool- our relatives marrying each other- ha now we are practically sisters! Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow at church. If you want to check out our blog, it's