Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So this morning, my two little ones might be classified as driving me crazy : ) The have almost literally been on top of me all morning long & if they haven't been on top of me, they have busted open the yogurt container on to the kitchen floor or getting the block of cheese out of the fridge skewering it with a shishkabob(sp?) stick & taking bites out of it. But just a second ago, Aubry went to the bathroom & washed her hands & then came up to me with a questioning look on her face. I asked what she needed & she said..."Can I dry my hands on your pants?"
Even just typing that makes me laugh out loud! Ahh, those hilarious moments as a mother! They make each day laughable & fun, regardless of my childrens distructive hands.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I think I might actually be ready for the Christmas Season to start soon. My friend Ashley & I went boutique hopping last weekend just for the fun of it. I actually mean, just for the fun of it. I didn't even take any money with me. When I was done, I felt so excited for the holidays. I went home & baked cinnamon rolls...lol So needless to say, I have felt "inspired", for lack of a better word, to start a project. I was looking at a fabulous home decor store's website & saw a picture of some amazingly CUTE Snow Man Hats. So I went to the store & looked @ the price tag & almost stopped breathing. They wanted $79.00 for ONE of them! Well, rich or poor, there is no way I am paying $79.00 for one christmas decor. Unless it's a tree! So I went home & made 3 of them :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is my fabulous cousin Shelley :) She has the most amazing vinyl business and home decor blogs. Check it out houseofsmiths.blogspot.com She really is amazing!!!