Friday, January 29, 2010

Over Coming It

Today was THE day. 

My dad had called me a week & a half ago & told me he had been thinking of me & felt like I needed a break from the stresses of life. So he set up a time that my kids could go over & have a sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa Gifford's. I was so blown away & super excited. We all worked together as a family & got the house nice & clean so I would be able to relax once I dropped the kids off at my parents house. 
I had every minute planned out. I was going to pick the kids up from school at 12 (half day today) & take them to my parents house. Then straight to the temple to do a session. I figured that was the best way to start the relaxation process. After the temple, I was going to pick Phil up from work a little early. Come home, do my workout & then do some crafty stuff together. Take some time to read & maybe go for a little hike. Then in the evening, Phil & I were going to go out with some friends to dinner & a movie. I would probably thrown in to the mix a little grocery shopping & buy doughnuts from Bashas (Friday is doughnut day at Bashas, buy a dozen, get a half dozen for free). Then Saturday, wake up & do my work out, eat one to many doughnuts. Then go pick up the girls from my parents & go out to Glendale to model for a studio photo shoot. 

But alas, it WAS all to perfect. My Dad called me this morning and broke the news to me that their son Hayden has come down with the chicken pocks... I was absolutely devastated! Words cannot describe my feeling at that moment :(

So after a some overwhelming moments & trying REALLY hard to get over the HUGE pity party that I was throwing for myself. I have come to the conclusion that I will try to make this fun regardless of the lost perfection I almost had. I am going to take my kids on a little hike & then still go buy the doughnuts. Next I am going to still try & do my craft stuff & find a babysitter for tonight. Here's for hoping I don't let the feeling of frustration filter into me & ruin my day.

Wish me luck!


There are far to many things in life...period.  

Things that distract you, things that confuse you, discourage, stop & frustrate you.

There are also those things that Inspire you. Things that challenge you & lift you up. Things that teach you how to have that magical "thing"...that certain quality you see in other people.

But with all of those things before, there are also those things that you love. Your husband, your children, giving birth to your new baby, your talents & dreams. Laughter & sunny days. Surprises, and good books. 

All of these "things" are a part of our lives. Without them, our lives would be incomplete. But yet with them, things are often times overwhelming. 

Now to the point of my thoughts. sometimes the things we fuss over the most end up making us run in a circle. Why? Because they never end. They are here today and will be here tomorrow. 
But then there are those things that we forget will only be here today. We can't get them back. Yet, those things are almost always put off so we can finish just one more "thing"...
  Riding bikes with our kids, stopping what were doing to go & watch a new trick. Listening to their day, helping with puzzles & reading their favorite books. Beautifying our homes & creating something new. 

I want to make a goal for myself...
I want to commit to let go of the feeling of failure if I don't have everything perfect before I go & spend time with my kids.  Because in the long run, what is going to be remembered: Mom always had a clean kitchen or Mom was so much fun, we use to go hiking & ride skateboards together, bake cookies & cakes, color & make fun crafts together?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am so excited about tonight! I am going to go & see this movie tonight with my cousin Alison. We lived around the corner from each other almost our entire lives & we are only 5 days apart. It will be so much fun to just hang!

I also have to accredit my happy & energetic attitude to a few other things. 1- Prayer & Scriptures. 2- Working Out.
Oh yes...I started doing P90X. It hurts SO bad & I totally rely on my work out partner, Jen, to be my personal cheerleader. But, I love it! I also walked my kids to school this morning. Which was so fun. I feel like I am becoming the best me. Now if only I can keep this up!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The other night my girlfriends & I were celebrating. We were talking about our husbands and a friend of mine made the comment that she loves how dedicated Phil is to me. I was shocked at first & then realized how incredibly true that is. I love my husband & am so incredibly grateful that he makes me feel like I am the only one he sees.