Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This is Kylie hiding from her doom...SHOTS!

We are at the Dr's office getting ready to get shots. Oh what fun this will be...NOT! Aubry is completely restless & touching everything. While Kylie is hiding under the counter. All in all, the Dr says they are doing great. Aubry is above 97% for height & weight & Kylie is 95% for height & 50-75% for her weight.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We are on our way to Colorado for Phil's sister's wedding. Right now we are in northern New Mexico & it is so beautiful! It is all green prairies. We have been driving for a while & we decided to stop & take the kids potty. So I decided that I would give him a lesson on how to efficiently take girls potty outdoors. First was Aubry & that went without a hitch. Next came Kylie...& apparently she had to go potty REALLY bad. Before I had time to pick up her legs completely, she started to pee. She got pee all over her clothes, legs & my hands! So of course I took her bottoms off & rinsed her off with water. But I don't have a towel or paper towels & I didn't want to use toilet paper & have it fall apart all over her legs. So I had her run around in circles. I have to admit it was a very funny & cute sight.