Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is our hip hoppin little girl Raya! Hopefully the song playing right now as you read this is Chicken Noodle Soup. That is one of the songs that she danced too. Her hair was dyed pink and everything. It was so awsome and cute. Raya took hip hop with tons of her other friends. The Gunnel triplets were in her class and so was her friend Kia. She did such a good job, she didn't have any hesitation, she just jumped out there and showed everyone what she was made of.
GO RAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Think I'd Learned by NOW!

Seriously, I leave the whipping cream on the counter for 5 seconds and I come back to 2 adorably varmints making a blasted mess. Oh, the cute and sweet things in life.
Beleive it or not Kylie started the whole thing!
Who in their right mind can get mad over something as cute as these two pigging out on the goodness of life. I LOVE it! Just don't tell them that. I don't want to have to keep cleaning up whipping cream every time they feel like being cute.

I'm Finally 5!!!

Happy Birthday RAYA!!
Here is a little "BIG"girl who has been waiting endlessly to turn 5. Raya's B-day is December 24. So all of her friends turned 5 long before her. She use to tell me that she couldn't play with some of her friends anymore because they were 5 and she wasn't. It took some convincing, but she got over it

Ahh, Daddy and daughter pigging out, along with the rest of the family. We got to give Raya a friend party and a family party this year. The friend party was awsome, and absolutley freezing cold. Thanks to all of you that came and put up with the oh so unbelievably cold and supper windy day. I really appreciate your help! The family party was a lot of fun also! I know that Raya really appreciated everyone that celebrated her BIG 5 birthday!