Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On to bigger and better things

I guess you could say that Aubry is now on to bigger and better things. Oh yeah! I just pulled out the excer-saucer, and Aubry Loves It!!! Does this mean that my life can now take the next step... more freedom? UM....PROBABLY NOT, but here's for hoping, right?
Well, I didn't think that this post would be complete if I didn't include a picture of me and how happy this whole new entertainment thing makes me. I LOVE IT!! WAHOO! I hope all of you are having a great day! Bye ; )

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The Brosemann Clan said...

hello there (twin) it's your "twin" Carlie. WOW. is she really old enough to be in FULL day kindegarten? Coltin is going to be in preschool. He very well should have been last year(but we could not afford it then, and still cant) but he needs to be in school, so I'll do what i have to do. anywho. i loe the pic of you. YOu are so beautiful. WE NEED TO HANG OUT!!! dinner and a movie or bowling or somehting. seriously. I have not seen you in 4EVER!!! GIRL!!! anywho, did you get the memo bout my blog address being changed? If not here it is,