Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Morning

How did your morning go? ... Good? Oh, that's great. How did my morning go? Well...
Let's recap how this morning went... My alarm went off at 5:30 so that I could go pick up Utah peaches and raspberries. I quickly turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. I finally got out of bed at 5:50, brushed my teeth, got dressed, grabbed my sleeping baby out of his bed and strapped him in and off I went. Right now your wondering why I took my 8 month old sleeping baby out of his bed instead of letting him sleep while I just went...Well, the odds are that he would of woken up while Phil was getting the 3 kids ready for school and himself ready for work and I wanted to help him as much as I could by taking that obstacle out of his morning. So I drove the 25 minutes to get my delicious fruit (which is still in the car) and held my baby in his infant carrier while I stood in a very long line waiting for my turn to pay. My baby isn't one of those petite little things, He ways about 20 lbs. So you can imagine how ripped my arms are now. So I finally got my fruit and was driving home when I noticed that I missed a call from home. So I call home and Raya answers the phone. She proceeds to tell me that she has made Kylie's lunch. My first initial thought was, That is so sweet. My second thought was, where is Phil... So then as it always goes when I call my house, every child needs to talk to me. Once that is finished, I hang up the phone. Then in a about a minute, my phone rings again, its Landon, asking if he can have a capri sun. I might sound stingy, but I said "No, those are for Kylie's lunch." He gets mad and hangs up on me. So I call back and Raya proceeds to tell me that Landon has thrown her backpack over the back fence... WHAT?! Hold on a second...Who is running the show over there, and where on earth is PHIL! I told Raya to get Dad on the phone NOW! By this time it's 7:19am. She tells me he's in the shower. Now I'm thinking to myself, this is SO not good. When I do finally talk to him on the phone he sounds like he can tell what I'm thinking...yeah he knows that Momma is not happy. By the time I get home, Raya has already gone around the to the street behind us, and knocked on our neighbor's door (at 7:20am) and asked for her backpack back. Landon is finishing getting dressed and Kylie is getting her shoes on. 
Now maybe I am unrealistic, but I didn't plan on things going quite like that. In my head, I planned on my hubs getting ready and getting the kids up @ 6:30 and getting them ready. I figured that by the time I walked in the door they would be finishing eating breakfast and we could have a peaceful family prayer and even possibly read scriptures. I did not imagine a cranky 3 year old, and fighting children with a pile of nesquick powder on the floor. 
So, How did my morning go? It went. Now on to the rest of my day (with my fingers crossed).

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