Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life Lessons

D&C 10:4  Do not run afaster or labor more than you have bstrength and means provided

     I am the person that doesn't question why something needs to be. When I feel prompted to do something, I do it. It doesn't matter how it will effect me, my husband or my children. I have always looked at it as blind faith and obedience and have always been proud of myself for that. 
Now 10 years into marriage with 5 wonderful kids, I have been blessed to understand a little more of my Heavenly Father's desires for my life and my feelings. 
     The verse up top speaks volumes. I am starting to learn that life is not just about go and do, no matter the consequence.  My Father in Heaven wants me to be happy. He wants me to explore what makes me, ME.  He wants me to embrace my husband and our family with happiness and excitement for what is and what comes next, instead of girding up my loins and muscling through what needs to get done.  I am suppose to find what I am passionate about and invest in that.  Not just as a fleeting thing, but as something that lasts, that will bring accomplishment, fulfillment and will be an avenue of growth. 

     SO, now for the SCARY part...well for me anyway. How do I have fun? I am usually to scared to start a project because it takes so much time to go through the trial and error and the ins and outs. Even though I know that brings the pride and satisfaction in a job well done.  It's still scary and gives me anxiety. But I really truly want to dive in and do it! So how and where do I begin...?  

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Bud & Kim said...

It's amazing when we get these kinds of revelations. Good for you and good luck on your journey!