Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aubry's "Broken Arm"

So yesterday I went to my doctors office, because my tonsils are the size of golf balls. While I was in the room waiting for the results of my strep test, Kylie and Aubry were playing with the stool with wheels that spins. You know, the one that the Doctor always says " Oh, don't play on that sweet heart, we don't want you to get hurt." We'll I usually watch pretty closely when the kids want to play with it. But it all happened so fast, Aubry was on the stool, then Kylie spins the stool, next Aubry falls off onto her arms.
Well, the next thing I know, I am calling her pediatrician, taking her in to be seen, then going to an urgent care to get x-rays and a splint. Next they check her ears and they are infected...oh and she seems to have just started a cough, so they check her lungs and she is wheezing!!!! So not only was her arm jacked up, her ears were killing her and she was having a hard time breathing. So they also gave her a shot of antibiotic and a breathing treatment. Oh wow. oh WOW.
So we came home and I was exhausted, because lets remember that this all started because I am sick. My neighbor, Jen brought us delicious pizza for dinner and my dad called and asked if he could borrow my truck to move some furniture. Most of you know this, but some may not, my Dad is a Chiropractic Neurologist . So I told him what happened and I took her splint off so that he could feel her arm. I know, I know, I sound crazy right? My daughter has  a broken arm and I am going to let him wack it? Well, when the doctor looked at the x-ray, she couldn't find anything definitive. So, I figured, what the heck, it's worth a try. So, my Dad checked her out & told me that her radius bone in her forearm was out one way & the other bone in her forearm was out the opposite direction. He did 2 very quick adjustments (one of which had a very loud POP) and then iced it. Within 30 minutes she was showing signs off improvement. When I had her at her doctors office and urgent care, both doctors looked at her elbow and tried to see if it was dislocated and tested to see if they could put it back in place. But nothing would happen. I showed my dad what the doctors did, and he told me that that adjustment was actually pushing the bones farther out of place.
So now, she still doesn't use the arm much, but the theory is that her elbow is sprained pretty badly. I figure if she doesn't show signs of using her arm by tomorrow, I will take her to the hospital for further x-rays and evaluation. But thank goodness the bones are back in place. Now all we have to deal with are the breathing treatments and both of our antibiotics.
Oh and I failed to mention that Phil is out of town, in Spokane, Washington and the kids had a half day, so they got our of school early. So a big shout out say THANK YOU to Shalice for taking care of my kids for 3 hours.
So that was my Wednesday, how was yours?


Bud & Kim said...

Oh you poor thing! I'm sorry to hear you are sick and dealing with this AND Phil is gone. Bud's been out of town the last three days and I was feeling sorry for myself. But no more!

Keith and Courtney said...

Oh, that totally stinks! I hope you will both be all better super fast.

Jess'n'John said...

Wow! A mom's worst nightmare. Hopefully things will get better and then Phil can come home and help too! Glad you have good friends to help out.