Sunday, August 31, 2008


Within us is a a complex world of desires, thoughts, passions, dreams, wishes and hopes, and all of those things each try to find a way into our lives. Making us who we are, and who we are going to become. Everyday, we weave through these things, trying to make sense of them all. Trying to find a place for each of them to be brought to life. Not wanting anything to be forgotten or left unopened.
Everyday I wake up with ideals. With these desires and hopes. And everyday, I find myself having to choose one thing over another. In an ideal world, Every day would be a new opportunity to explore every last particle of what makes me, me. I could create and push the boundaries and limits of life. I could bring to life my inner most secret desires, and feel as though I have conquered everything that tried to tell me no.
But yet, life often times has its own ideas, its own ways of testing me. Its own way of trying and challenging me. Slowly molding me into a person that I could have never become without all of those challenges and trials. And yet, the whole time I have been finding my way through, it has been my desires and passions, my hopes and dreams that have given me my strength and direction. The desires to stand for what is true, and to become some one that I could have only dreamed of becoming.
Its the times in life when things are the hardest, that we search to find the truth, and when we find that truth, that pure light in the midst of haze, that we have the tools to help us become who we have always wanted to be.
We find ourselves strengthened and empowered. With even greater desires, thoughts, passions, dreams, wishes and hopes.


Bud & Kim said...

I love this entry. I don't know if it is a quote or if you wrote it yourself but I love it. Hang in there. I know we're in different places in our life but I really do understand how it feels. Sure love ya!

Keira Poulsen said...

These are some beautiful entries. I was very encouraged by these but mostly I have to really say that I have been feeling the exact same way as you; and it is so comforting to hear someone else express those things. Thanks for sharing...keep it up:)
p.s. I had tons of fun coming over today! We'll have to do it again.