Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Amazing

The Date April 4, 2008. In case some of you don't, know that was my due date, and since I'm the one taking all of the pictures, I was obviously not wanting to be doing something else then taking pictures. BUT, if ya can't go in to labor on your due date (and you've been having contractions for almost 2 months) then the next best thing would be to get to see your kids learn how to ride their bikes without training wheels for the first time. In my opinion, the one makes up for the lack of the other.
Okay so this is how it went down. Raya wanted to learn to ride without training wheels, so Phil took them off. She told Dad "Don't look", so he went into the garage to fix Landon's training wheel that broke. Ten seconds later he looks out at the street, and there is Raya, speeding down the street on two wheel's. So then Landon takes his bike out to the street and says he want to learn how. With in 10 minutes Landon is doing the same thing. Raya is 5, and Landon is 3 1/2. We just couldn't believe it. It was a great day to be a parent.


Deanna said...

Your pics aren't showing up on my computer BUT...I can totally imagine. Your pregnant belly running along, trying to push Raya down the street without training wheels. No?

Well anyway, that's freakin RAD!

Craig & Elaine Burdett Family said...

ya they aren't showing up on Mine either. I bet that is exciting both at the same time. When are you going to post pictures of that new baby?

The Smith Family said...

so fun! Man between you and Briaunna's kids, you guys are going to have a cycling team! lol