Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Life

Hello Family and Friends,

     I thought I would give a lovely little update on our Hurst Family Life.

Ray-O-Sunshine has entered the 4th grade and is loving it despite  her initial fears. She does say that her class is the most misbehaved 4th grade class out of all of them and that she is disgusted by them. But I am sure that is subject to her perception of things...LOL. Raya got braces put on the 2nd to last week of 3rd grade and she absolutely loves them! She enjoys picking out the new colors of ruberbands at her appointments. Raya loves horseback riding and art as well as piano. During the summer Raya was involved in a Summer Fitness Camp that made it possible for her to go on field trips and swimming and playing sports as well as yoga and zumba. She also participated in Swim Team and dive lessons during summer break.

Landina (which is what he is called by his loving mother...hehehe) has entered 3rd grade and is liking it so far. He is currently reading Diary of a Whimpy Kid . He is on book 4 and thinks they are hilarious! He is getting baptized in October and we are excited to celebrate with him :-) Landon want's to start archery very soon and plans on playing baseball again in the Spring, he also started playing piano during the summer and was involved in swim team and dive lessons!

KyBugs is beginning 1st grade and is thinking that maybe Kindergarten is better. She has yet to be won over by 1st grade. But I know her teacher very well and think that she will probably be  more intrigued very soon. Kylie is begging to play the piano like her older siblings and she also wants to dance ballet. Hopefully we will be starting those adventures soon.

Aubs is still at home and enjoys doing preschool with her mommy. She loves to sing and make up new songs. Aubry is always pushing to learn more and do new things! She would love to do gymnastics and ballet.  Aubry is spunky and cute and has a real excitement for life and she is making sure to take me on her adventures with her :-D

Nix...oh what to say...?  Nixon is 19 months old and into EVERYTHING! He enjoys standing on the table and counter tops, getting off his bed at nap time and coloring on himself with any marker he can find, because he's not picky. He also loves to get into the shower anytime anyone is in the shower, whether he has been invited or not. SO needless to say he is a squeaky clean little boy.  He enjoys giving fist bumps and high fives, jumping off the couches, running as fast as he can, throwing and catching balls and he blows kisses when you tell him to say "thank you" ;-)

We are a crazy family and we love each other dearly! We hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying your adventures in life.

May Peace Be With You,


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