Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Love/ Want This

So from time to time I just have to share what my cousin Shelley is up to over at House of Smiths. Now is one of those times! I LOVE/WANT This! Shelley has put together such an amazing Gallery wall. The way that Shelley decorates her house, that I love, is everything looks clean and fresh. It makes for a happy start to every day. I have just started to take the steps into making this type of transformation in my own home. Now with 5 kids this is going to be a serious stretch. But a clean and beautiful home is a place where my family can be happy together and play and create together and grow together with peace and love.
I am going to share some other photos in the transformation process as soon as I have a few things taken care of. But just remember that everyone grows at their own pace and that each persons life, situation, mentality and abilities to cope are completely and totally different. So love me and I will love you and we can all be friends. Okay?!...Okay.

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House of Smiths said...

WOW! Thanks for the shout out, cuz!!! You're awesome :) I can't wait to see your space transform! Keep us posted!