Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Sister is Amazing!!

So my sister Amelia and her husband Devin, did an amazingly HUGE favor for Phil & I!!!
They agreed to watch all four of our kids, for 3 days!!! to watch one kid is a breeze, two kids isn't to bad, three is HARD, and four is ABSOLUTELY PSYCHOTIC!!! Not to mention that they have their own sweet little baby girl who is only 8 months old.

Millie & Devin did an amazing job!!! My kids were happy and my house was beautiful. I highly recommend their services!! LOL! But to top it all off my sister went the extra mile and took advantage of a little photo opp. I just love these pictures of Aubry, they are like looking at her in a dream!!

Seriously my sister is an extremely talented photographer!! I highly suggest checking out her blog rylinphotography.blogspot.com
Phil and I went to Cali for a few days. It was so nice to just chill. We went to Santa Monica Beach, and it was so beautiful there. It was only 60 degree's but the beach itself was awesome. We did a little shopping at the outdoor mall, which rocked. Then we walked a street over and went down the cliff to the beach and flew our 10' foil kite. After that we skipped some rocks that I collected, and then build sand towers to protect our pebbles from the attack of the waves. LOL!!! It was seriously cute!! By then my feet were completely numb, so we walk up to the pier and got hot chocolate, and watched people on the carousel. When it started to get dark we walked back to the car and turned the heater on, so as to defrost my feet. It only took 30 MINUTES for me to regain full feeling in my big toe!!! But after that, we changed our clothes and I dolled my hair up, and we went to this really neat restaurant called BOA. It was REALLY yummy food, and the waitress even put our napkins in our laps, LOL!!! Seriously, that is a first for me. She acted like it was run of the mill, so it wasn't awkward for me. But you could tell it was awkward for Phil, even though he knew it was coming.
The next day we got to go to Disneyland, California Adventure & Club 33! My Aunt & Uncle are members of Club 33, its a really exclusive club inside Disneyland. So they offered to get us in to the Parks for free and then have lunch with them at Club 33, which is a 5 star restaurant. Let me just say that is one fancy pants club. We got to see Justin & Renae Alexander with their kids. They even had us cut in line, and go on a ride with them, which then happen to have technical difficulties, and we had to sit in the sun and wait for about 20-30 min. But we still had tons of fun with them. All together it was an amazingly awesome day!! Thanks Uncle Bob & Aunt Nikki!!!!


Keith and Courtney said...

Oh, your trip sounds like a dream. I love Santa Monica!
Cute pictures of Aubry.

Heidi said...

Hey lady I found your blog, hope you don't mind me looking! Your little family is so stinkin cute! When in the world are you going to teach me how to sew. My sweet hubby bought me a sewing machine last October because I have wanted to learn how to sew for so long...needless to say it is still in the box! It's hard to learn how to sew when I have no one to teach me! Anyway your blog is adorable!