Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm SORRY, Okay?

Hello to all of my friends and family. I first and foremost want to apologize for not posting anything really personal for eons of time! I can't promise to continue this but, I can at least say that I would like to.

Now, with that said. I would like to focus on a topic that I feel needs to be seriously addressed...! LUNCH TIME. What the junk? Why is it that somehow in the middle of the day all my energy magically gets transported from my body, into my children's bodies? Lunch time is when, I no longer have any brains and find myself wandering aimlessly through my kitchen in circles.

While my child follow me around saying..."Mom?..Mom?..Mom?..MOm?..MOm?MOM?MOM!!?" (I finally respond) "WHAT?...(this time calmer)..what?" (kids, almost in unison) "I'm hungry, can I have toast?" Mom,"no" Kids, "But why not?...well then can I have wheat thins?" Mom-"no." Kids-"But MOM, I'm hungry" Mom-"Well then, lets eat real food, like a sandwich." I then proceed to wander my kitchen aimlessly for about 10 more minutes trying to figure out how to make my brain start to work.

Seriously what is up with that? I'm sure some of you are thinking...well if you started your day with working out. Or even... If you ate more of this or that for breakfast... I know, I know, and those are very valid points. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, some day I will be able to conquer the world, AND lunch time!! LOL!


Lissa said...

Hahahaha! Poor Leila! I have the same problem at dinnertime. Mainly cause I get home from work at 5-ish and then have to try and find something I can make in less than 1/2 hour. Usually I just send my kids out to play in the street with the neighbor kids. That gets them out of my hair long enough to stand in front of the fridge with both doors open and just stare at the contents for 10-15 min....

Cam and Bri said...

I hear ya sister!