Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay so I am sitting in my office (obviously) at 11:20 pm, knowing that I need to be asleep. But Phil's not home and I actually stopped to look at some friends blogs, only to find out that one of my friends kids broke their arm, and then to find a link to my other friends blog (that I didn't know she had) to then become completely uplifted, and brought to tears.

Nancy, I hope Audry's arm gets better soon! What can I do to help?!!!
Melissa, you are amazing and I am in awe!!!

Oh I love the amazing people I am surrounded by. Everywhere I turn, their is someone with a smile, and someone quietly serving someone else. It is so awesome!

It makes me want to have a party, and invite all of the women I want to get to know better...I know completely random comment, but I can't explain my feeling, and I don't know to many people who can explain their own, let alone mine. LOL : D

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Lissa said...

Love ya, Leila! I'm in the process of planning a trip to the zoo with Katie Bates, Heidi Schaub, and Alyson Boak sometime in the next month or so. You wanna join us?? =)