Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ok, so Phil & I go with our friends to California every year, this year we didn't get to go. But, I love these pictures of Phil and me at, I think, Huntington Beach. I was the only girl that got into the water. Oh yeah, and Phil and I boogie boarded, and I totally loved it.
You just have to admit that when you do something fun with your husband like boogie boarding, it makes you feel like your cute and dating all over again. I wish I could live like this every day, and play and laugh with my husband like this all the stinkin time!!! LOVE IT!!
Aren't Phil and I just totally so cute!!
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coltin-n-connersmommy said...

that is sooo cute and fun and it does totally make you feel like your dating agin. we just had a water party for coltins b-day and we had the slip n slide and water balloons and i totally got in on all the action. it was a blast. i miss you.

Fuller's said...

You guys look awesome. Good to hear from you. We are enjoying cooler nights here in Ohio. We don't miss the 115 degree days. The humidity can get bad sometimes though. Fun to see pictures of your growing family.


kristin.jane said...

yes you are so totally cute! haha :) :)